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“The single most remarkable feature of sign [American Sign Language (ASL) and langue des signes quebecoise (LSQ)] – that which distinguishes it from all over languages and mental activities – is its unique linguistic use of space . . . what looks so simple is extraordinarily complex and consists of innumerable spatial patterns nested, three dimensionally, in each other.”
– Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices.

With sign language as a foundation, Deaf and hard-of-hearing babies, toddlers and children across Canada can be fully engaged in their environment. Full language acquision through ASL/LSQ is like the air we breathe. With it, we can be truly ALIVE in every sense of the word. Everywhere around the world, language and culture are interwinded and at the heart of community. Here, we celebrate a vibrant creative and innovative culture driven by a uniquely embracing language; Our sign language reaches beyond the dweling of isolation and invites us to play together, explore together and grow together. It empowers all of us to celebrate one another for who we truly are and not lament who we are not.

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